The Scientific and Technical Library of Flight Academy is one of the richest libraries among the aviation education establishments in Ukraine.

It consists of the Training Department, Scientific Department, Flight and Technical Department and Belles-Lettres' Department.

The Training Department provides the students with the manuals, textbooks, Flight Academy Sport Club ICAR reference and technical materials in all training subjects.

The Scientific Department contains the faculties materials, the works of Academy instructors and teaching staff.The Flight and Technical Department keeps the documents that regulate the flight work (ICAO, IATA, Ukrainian aviation, flight manuals for all aircraft types).

The Belles-Lettres' Department has the works of the national and foreign classics, modern writers and literary magazines.

Most of the books in the Library are of aviation subject. It contains more than 300000 editions in Russian, Ukrainian and foreign languages.

Information Days, Exhibitions and other education and entertainment activities regularly take place there.